Serve, Strengthen and Connect

All are welcome in God’s house. We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods word. Come journey with us! We want to both invite you and welcome you to the United Methodist Church in Caledonia. We pray that you will find in us a welcoming fellowship and a worshiping congregation that lifts Christ in praise. It is our hope that we make a difference in this community and that through our ministry Christ’s love is made alive daily and in many different ways. If you would like to share in our fellowship you are invited to come. If there is some way in which we can be of service to you or your family, please contact the church from our contact page.

Giving and Volunteering Opportunities

If any committees or individuals are looking towards helping the community this holiday season and don’t know where to start Christine Carrizales Spear has some ideas through United Way. Christine works for Steelcase in the area of volunteer programs and community outreach and is "happy to lend my strengths to my church family." She writes the following: I am available to help find additional opportunities if someone has a particular skill or interest and these opportunities don’t fit. Please let me know and I will reach out to that individual or they can contact me at their convenience. - Christine

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Inclement Weather Updates

Listen to or watch the following stations or check their facebook pages and websites regarding church services and activities being cancelled. WOOD AM Radio - WOOD TV 8 - WZZM 13 -