Message from Bishop Eben K Nhiwatiwa

Dear Colleagues in Ministry

Calvary greetings.  I thank you very much for the concern and prayerful wishes which you have expressed. I have written to brief you as follows:

Indeed the military has taken over control of the government all its institutions. The talk is that they will handover to a civilian authority in due course. But in the midst of such ultimate crisis in any given country, so far all is calm in Zimbabwe. There are no reports of loss of life. People are going on with their normal activities . Our church and others are carrying on with their activities as usual. Our schools and hospitals are functioning as usual. This is true for all other churches as well. We thank God for the peace and calm in the country.

We continue  to pray that the prevailing peace in the country will continue.

I was just reflecting that if our church was not connectional in nature, where would the United Methodists in Zimbabwe and I have gotten all these prayers and words of encouragement!  I am very privileged to belong to the United Methodist Church.

Please continue to pray for the church and the nation of Zimbabwe.

Grace and Peace

Eben K Nhiwatiwa

Zimbabwe Episcopal Area