Administration Council Leadership


Chair                                                                 Rich Overmire

Building Committee Chair                                 Rich Overmire

Outreach Coordinator                                       TBE

Tech Team                                                         

Endowment & Memorials Committee Chair      Betty Bourn (TBE by Committee)

Finance & Stewardship Chair                           Sharon Weaver

Financial Secretary                                           Jim Klingensmith

Assistant Financial Secretary                            John McDowell

Lay Leader                                                        Thom Kohl

Lay Delegate to Annual Conference                 Thom Kohl

Alternate Lay Delegate                                     Chris Hayden

Missions Facilitator                                           Sharon Burkart

Recording Secretary                                         Christine Spear

Remitting Treasurer                                          Ken and Jan Leatherman

Scouting Representative                                   Thom Kohl

Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair           Andy Austin

Trustees Chair                                                  Ron Bailey (TBE by Committee)

United Methodist Women President                 Betty Bourn (TBE by Committee) 

United Methodist Men President                      Thom Kohl/Todd Brown

Vision Team Leader                                          Pastor Jodie Flessner

Visitation Team Leader                                     Pastor Jodie Flessner

Worship Support Team Leader                         Chris Hayden

Women In Step                                                  Jayne Porritt (TBE by Committee)