Kid’s Food Baskets


Kid’s Food Baskets

On Thursday February 2nd the United Methodist Women will be going to help pack lunches for the Children's Food Baskets. Meet at the church at 9:15 am if you would like to go. For more information contact Dianna Overmire.

One in five Michigan children experiences hunger, and we are working to change that. Kids' Food Basket helps nourish children to be their best, in school and in life.  

Through our Sack Supper program, kids get well-balanced nutritious meals, filling the gap schools and parents often can't afford. We attack childhood hunger by providing nutritious evening meals to kids, and engaging our community through volunteering and education.

Kids’ Food Basket is the largest organization in West Michigan focused solely on childhood hunger. We strive to put an end to childhood hunger using an approach that:

  • Serves kids directly. During the school year, Sack Suppers are distributed within the classroom at 39 sites, to ensure every student who needs one can easily get one. During the summer, Sack Suppers are distributed at  park sites each weekday. Our Sack Suppers fill a gap that schools and parents often cannot afford, in a way that is accessible and safe for kids.
  • Creates an engine for volunteering. Each week day, nearly 250  volunteers prepare and deliver Sack Suppers in our building as part of our team.
  • Empowers kids to help each other. Through volunteering and educational programs, we help kids understand the challenges of hunger, and give them the opportunity to lead projects that benefit fellow kids. Around 33% of hours volunteered at Kids’ Food Basket come from youth under age 18.

Each Sack Supper is powered by the love and support of our community. By partnering with individuals, families, businesses, food resources, other nonprofits, schools and teachers, Kids' Food Basket helps ensure that lunch is not the last meal of the day for nearly 7,500 kids. Learn more about our Sack Supper program, or find out how we engage youth through our Kids Helping Kids program.